The Bellmore Johnson Company is the manufacturer, under exclusive license from the Winchester - Olin Corporation, of the Winchester Model 98 Breech Loading Signal Cannon.

Originally introduced in March 1903 the Winchester Cannon now celebrates over one hundred years of saluting America. Read more about the cannon's past in the History of Winchester Cannons 1901-Present.

A century after it's introduction the Model 98 Winchester Signal Cannon is still manufactured from the original drawings and incorporates the very same patterns in its construction. Even the original pine box for shipment, with authentic markings, has been duplicated. The cannon was first offered for sale at the turn of the century by Winchester as a signal cannon to be used in various ceremonial events.

The cannon was produced exclusively in Standard Black until 1930 when a Deluxe Chrome Plated model was offered. The Bellmore Johnson Company introduced the Presentation Brass model with mahogany base in the 1976. For the turn of the new millennium the Naval Edition cannon was unveiled.

Since the early seventies Winchester Cannons have been produced exclusively by the Bellmore Johnson Company with the same craftsmanship as originated by Winchester.

It has become a very sought after article in the collectors' trade as a signal cannon and has been in great demand by the marine trade as a starting cannon for yacht races, including the prestigious America's Cup series at Newport.

Winchester Cannons are chambered for standard Winchester 10 gauge black powder blank shells.

No license is required to purchase or own a Winchester Cannon. They are not classified as a firearm by the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) and are considered a saluting & signaling device.

All Winchester Cannon models along with blank shells and cleaning accessories are available factory direct from the Bellmore Johnson Company. For ordering, pricing and current availability please visit The Cannon Store or call toll free: (800) 575-2171.

Winchester Cannon Drawing